DIEGO BRANDI – Inconscius

Hanging water drops, humanity is metaphorically represented by the goldfish, that has the peculiarity of quickly forgetting things, and the human being that has forgotten the extraordinary power of words, can access it’s unconscious mind by rediscovering it and elevate oneself spiritually, or the other way around.

UEO – Dragon Split Project

In collaboration with 10 tattoo Artists

SENJU SHUNGA – Senju Horimatsu (Matti Sandberg)

Will be showing 40 contemporary erotic Shunga paintings. His work finds inspiration in the classic erotic art of old Japan as he brings it into the 21st century. His experience and knowledge gained during his many years creating traditional Japanese tattoos is often used as part of his sensual art works.
He questions taboos and stigmas concerning human sexuality and advocates for a greater sense of intimacy between our human hearts. The images are sometimes intentionally provocative in order to stir the viewer into thinking deeper and further. The focus is always on portraying sexuality as a beautiful thing.