Mermaids on Skate

Artistic Mermaids Exhibition on Skate
by Egidio Aldo Boni, Marco Matarese, Francesco Cuomo, Amanda Toy, Alessandro El Tanque, Roberto Lauro, Gabriele Donnini, Massimo Disegnello, Lello Sannino, Gabry Scriba.

Roma Tattoo Museum Exhibition

Roma Tattoo Museum will bring part of its permanent collection to the Milano Tattoo Convention.

It took more than 30 years to create it; thanks to a passionate and dedicate tattoo artist named Kubo who spent all his life in the tattoo industry.

During his long life career, he established connection with other collectors and museums all over the World which will make sure a frequent and continuous renovation of his exhibition.
This collection is believe to be 1 of the most complete in existence, thanks to the fact that each items tells a complete and different story of all the significant tattoo periods.

Tattooing Demon Studio Exhibition

In concomitance of the Milano Tattoo Convention, artist Gabriele Donnini will showcase part of his historical collection, and in a collaboration with Associazione Antigone will present a new project for the rehabilitation of InMates trough Tattoing.

Tennent’s Super

Tennent’s Super is a strong Scottish Lager whose origin date back in 1885.
The Taste it begins sweet to become more bitter thanks to the high alcohol content (9º) and finishes with some interesting caramel’s note.
Statistic shows an increasing love for the brand and often this love translate itself in Tattoos portray the Bottle with the Iconic “T”.
Since always beer is an instrument of aggregation and sharing. These values reflects perfectly Tennent’s Super spirit; like the Milano Tattoo Convention, where many artists from all over the world, are coming together for the love of Art.
This joint venture starts with the intention to create an experience for the consumer with a strong attitude that wants to comunicate freely with his peer.
In 2019 we will launch a new Beer Can (50cl) to satisfy the thirst of our consumer.
The Launch of this new Beer Can in the Italian market will be celebrated trough a Limited Edition Exhibition during the Milano Tattoo Convention 8-9-10 February , Located at the Fiera Milano City.
10 famous tattoo artist have designed 10 different graphics inspired by different tattoos styles.
Also during the 3 days of the convention Tennent’s Super will offer Flash tattoos to his consumers in a dedicated booth.
For the first time thanks to this partnership,Tennent’s Super can bend all the rules and scheme just to repay all the Love and Affection the consumers have had all these years.
There will also be a bar where you can taste RESPONSIBLY Tennent’s Super.
And in the end, these are the names of the Artist who collaborated on this Project:
  • LEA HT2


Artist Live:



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