Style: Tribale polinesiano marchesiano

I’m Enzo Donniacuo, in art “Il Cubano”, tattoo il Convento. After graduating from art school, at the end of 90s, precisely in 1998, I decided to put my passion into practice by opening a studio, which has become an amulet of emotions in which are enclosed all the experiences of my life. To this day, it has been 20 years that I have been trying to convey what my soul hides. It would be difficult to speak about the origins of my passions, as it was this passion that was looking for me in a particular moment of my life when my darkness and my inner light merged to give vent to my feelings through the tribal style which I specialized in. It allows me to mix particular stylistic elements using light effects: black that represent the darkness and the discomfort that too often assails us and white that represents light, hope and above all sharing. A word that describes my roots in my family, who have shared all my moments, encounters, tattoos and experiences and to whom I owe my success.

Respectfully, Enzo “Il Cubano”.