Style: Realism

Based in Waterford City – Ireland. Many may know me by name Yakuza or Dj Soydan. Yes, I’m also a House Dj and producer

Throughout my years Ive always been passionate about music and art, however, I began tattooing in my home town, Mersin, at age 17. It all began when I met an Italian sailor, who had eye-catching neck tattoos and I was immediately intrigued by them. At the time the local tattoo artists were not as good and put me off getting any tattoos. Seeing poor quality work only encouraged me to get my own tattoo machine and try it out myself. After trying out on my friends, I realised that this is my passion. Since then I have been tattooing and Dj-ing all around the world.

After some time, I’ve built a reputation within the industry and decided to dedicate myself fully to tattooing. Working with all styles and colours, I mostly enjoy working with realism. Over the years I’ve have worked hard to build my own style and technique and still continue to do so to this day. Everyday my goal is to be better and more creative …