Style: Realistic

Hi my name is Tibor `Tibi` Szalai, I`m a tattoo artist born in Hungary, but now working and living in Munich/ Germany. I`m tattooing since 2002 without any apprenticeship – it was all learning by doing. Originally
I was a normal painter not even thinking about tattooing, but already interested in drawing and art (besides painting walls in a bright white.
Many years ago a buddy of mine asked me to try tattooing, cause he knew I was good in those art things. To this day, I never thought about tattooing, but from this moment, it was all i could think about. So 2 years later, when I got my first salary, I instantly
bought a tattoo machine. Now I was tattooing as a hobby besides working as a painter, until I got so much clients, that I could live from only tattooing. Until 2010 I worked in Hungary, until a old friend of mine asked me to come for a guest spot to the shop
in Munich where he was working at. They were so happy with my work, and I was feeling so comfortable there, that I moved there in 2011 and now I am a resident artist in this shop.