Fakir show By Valentina: Bed of nails &  Stair of Sword Show

Valentina Tafferini (Aosta 1990)

She is a Showgirl, costume designer, event Planner and a Creative.
Her Artistic journey starts at Accademia Circense Vertigo in Turin Italy, where she learned different circus disciplines.
Determined to make her passion a career, she moved to London (UK) and continued her studies as a performer. She became right away part of the performers cast in ShowClub like The Box and Cirque Le Soir, taking part in their worldwide well known Shows. She left London in 2015 to travel and perform all over the map.
Till today her major achievement surely is be part of Le Cirque du Soleil and become one of the most appreciated Fire Eater in Europe.
Valentina now reside in Milano and she will be present at the Milano Tattoo Convention bringing 2 different performances that will take your breath away.

Betty Style

Talent, Determination and Charisma…..

It’s not hard to see those quality in Elisabetta Di Carlo, A.K.A. Betty Style.
During her carrier she has collaborated with Artist and Choreographers from all over the Globe; dancing for Star such as: Ludacris, B-Real, Ciara, Jamiroquai, Sean Paul, Tony Touch, CeCe rogers, Pharrell Williams, Ruff Ryders, Alexia, Mondo Marcio, ClubDogo, Marracash, Fabri Fibra, Articolo31, BabyK and many more.
Top Italian dancer known Nationally and Internationally. True Female Hip Hop Icon.
After her study in Italy, she went to live between New York and Los Angels were she has perfected her style.
She also worked on various TV programs like: DomenicaIn, SanRemo, Top of the Pop, Video Music Award, MTV Spit, Forte Forte Forte.
As a Dancer/Actress she worked on the movie: “Street Dance2 3D” impersonating Bam Bam (the only main Italian Crew Member) and in the Movie: “Balla Con Noi” as Betty.
Now she works as a choreographer and dancer, she also works as a Judge in dancing contest nationally and internationally, as a actress, alternative model, coach and personal trainer.


Among the practice included in the Alternative Sexuality, Bondage is the most popular.

Thanks to the huge success of the Japanese Erotic Ligature Style, the first thing that pops to ones mind when hear the word Bondage is Kimono and Cordage. Bondage it’s a practice consisting into prevent or limiting (temporarily) the movement, voice or perception in the WILLING PARTNER.
Generally Bondage has an Erotic finality.